Guest Presenters

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Dale Larson – April 2017

Dale Larson comes to us from his home, just outside of Portland Oregon.  He has more than 35 years of experience as a Wood Turner, who works mostly with woods that are readily available in his community, predominantly Arbutus (which he knows as Madrone – Arbutus menziesii)  and Big Leaf Maple (Acer Macrophyllum) and so has a lot in common with Guild members.  Dale believes that the bowl starts when he first approaches a tree and he selectively starts to work with his chain saw.

Dale has long been an avid supporter of the AAW, having served on the Executive he is also a past president.  He also frequently demonstrates at the annual AAW symposiums.  It is also true that he donated his honorarium for his time with us to the AAW and at the end of the day there was an auction of a piece he worked on with the proceeds also going to the AAW.
In addition to the bowls for which he is renowned he is masterful a creating spheres and even brought along an oval bowl which he turned using a Vicmarc oval chuck.  His work can be bound in galleries literally across North America from Washington (La Conner) to Washington DC


Kurt Hertzog – October 2016

A professional woodturner, Kurt enjoys the continuum of woodturning from making his own turning tools to photographing his finished turnings. He keeps his turnings diverse in an effort to explore fully the craft and the medium.

A prolific writer, since 2012, Kurt has had various series, Workholding Aids and Chucking, Woodturning Know How, and What You Need to Know, have been a regular feature column for Woodturning Magazine. His columns, The Journey from Penturning to Penmaking and Behind the Scenes, for Woodturning Design magazine ran from 2008 until WTD ceased publication in 2014. He is past President of the American Association of Woodturners, one of the four Council Members of the Pen Makers Guild, and past Chairman of the Rochester Woodworkers Society.

Kurt spent the morning of, his day with us, demonstrating a variety of Penmaking options, then on to the secrets of making a Christmas ornament using a delicate sea urchin shell. In the afternoon he spent part of the time on pyrography and ended the day with a demonstration of piercing using a very fragile hollowed out egg shell both chicken and goose varieties.

Ed Pretty    –   June  2016

Ed came over from Vancouver to give a terrific presentation on colouring. There is a full description of Ed’s demo in the September Newsletter.

Trent Bosch   –   April 2016

Trent joined us for a one day demonstration and 2 workshops. He began his demonstration with a description of what he intended to show us as he worked through the many steps in the production of his signature “Vessel of Illusion”. Then he proceeded to make it.In the process, he showed us a variety of his special tools, how he sharpens them and their use in this unique project.One of the new “devices” he showed us was his recently developed “Visualizer” that provides a view of the tool tip and where it is inside the project.The wall thickness is clearly displayed. Trent finished off his demonstration with a variety of devices and techniques for embellishing for either a bowl or a platter. Gorden hosted the workshops.Trent’s website  is “

Michael Hosaluk – February 2016

Michael’s first visit to the Guild was in November 2009.  Many of todays members were not present for that demonstration, but were looking forward to this visit due in part to the reminiscences of THE “OLD LADS’. We were not disappointed. Michael started off by turning his traditional spinning top, and then proceeded to demonstrate a variety of tool skills and finishing procedures that produced a “base ball, a ladle, a goblet and an amazing thin walled bowl. Michael completed his demonstration with his classic multifaceted box. His website is


Doug Fisher – October 2015

The Guild was ECSTATIC to have Doug Fisher as our October Demonstrator. Doug gave his first public demonstration to our guild in October 2010.   He has come back to do his last public turning demonstration with us. The day went far too quickly and Doug’s skills and ability to show us through  the process he has used over the years demanded our attention. His basic off-centre procedure was shown, and the use of dyes and pyrography and carving concluded this most exceptional demonstration.
The workshops were held in Bryan Kemper’s shop, and all the lucky participants were quite happy with the day.

Al Stirt     –    March  2015

Al started off by detailing his procedure for ensuring that the final product (bowl, platter, etc.) is balanced. He then mounted a green Garry Oak blank, and started to rough it out. As he proceeded, he adjusted the blank to get parallel grain lines and a balance of heart and sap wood. Al progressed on to a dry cherry blank and produced a winged platter for texturing. Al used the afternoon session showing a variety of techniques for texturing and finishing the platter. Two workshops were held in Gorden’s Studio. Thanks Gorden..   Al’s website is


Barbara Dill       –      October 2014

Barbara is renowned for her multiaxis turnings, and she wasted no time in getting right into the process. She started with a parallel axis turning on the lathe, and then quickly progressed to off axis turnings and the production of candle sticks.  In the afternoon she demonstrated the production of a 3 sided cup and a split turning. Barbara held 2 workshops that were raved about, and we all thank Andre for the use of his Studio. Barbara’s work and publications are on her website   –

Marilyn Campbell    –   April  2014

Marilyn Campbell joined us to do a one day demonstration of her use of Epoxy in the production of split vessels. She also showed her procedure for preparing the pieces to be cut on a band saw and then assembled to construct a composite of the wood pieces and Epoxy. Marilyn presided over two workshops that were held in Bryan Kemper’s shop/studio. Thanks Bryan


Alan Carter   –    November  2013

This month the Guild hosted Alan Carter from North Carolina.  His presentation was divided into 2 components. He first demonstrated the production of his signature “Split Bowl Vessel”, and discussed the variations. In the afternoon Alan described and demonstrated the making of a thin stemmed goblet.  He kept the audience totally mesmerized as he turned a longer and longer thin stem using only an Easy Wood mini tool. We are grateful to Bryan Kemper for making his shop available for the workshops. Alan’s work and articles are available on his website  –

Jimmy Clewes – April 2013

In April 2013 the Guild was indeed fortunate to host the renowned Jimmy Clewes from Las Vegas, Nevada.  The accolades laid upon Jimmy do not really go far enough, this was a demonstration that any person not even remotely interested in woodturning would have enjoyed.  As skilled a turner as he is, he is also very much the entertainer and held our audience enthralled.  His demonstrations involved turning a large rectangular Oriental box, the making of which terrified those in the front row as it sounded like an airplane was in the room with them as the plank revolved at the highest possible speed. He also created an off-centre spindle turning.  The workshops were sold out months in advance and were very well received.  Participants created a smaller (and much less scary) square Oriental box and a platter with a coloured rim.  Sunday was a bit diminished with a power failure at the end of the day, however everyone had a great time.  Thanks to Lin Bayford for hosting the workshops, Trudy Friesen for hosting Jimmy and all of the volunteers who set up all the hall for the demo and cleaned up at the end.  Very much appreciated.


Stephen Hatcher – April 2012

In April 2102 our Guild was proud to host Stephen Hatcher  from Olympia Wash. U.S.A.Stephen currently specializes in creating spectacular inlay designs on a variety of turnings using different colors of ca;cite inlay material.This presentation included a one day demo fore the Guild and two 2-day workshops hosted by Lin Bayford in Cobble Hill. The workshops were a great success and enjoyed by all. To  view Stephen’s works and detailed information go to

Graeme Priddle – June 2012

In June we were fortunate to host Graeame Priddle while he was on tour in North America. Graeme hails from New Zealand  where his artistry focuses on creating works inspired by his natural surroundings.His guild demo was primarily on surface enhancement. Following the Guild demo day there were two  one-day workshops hosted at the home of Bryan Kemper, and titled “Surface Surface”. The workshops were generally well received and demonstrated the use of a wide variety of embelishment techniques. To view Graeme’s creations, go to

Cindy Drozda – October 2012

October 2012 brought us the opportunity to host Cindy Drozda the “Finial Queen” from Boulder Colorado U.S.A..Cindy’s finials are Spectacular. !! For our Guild demo Cindy created  a stunning miniature lidded box with her signature onion shaped finial and a small diamond on the underside of the lid.l.Two 1-day hands – on workshops were hosted by Andre Robin.Cindy’s skills and good nature were enjoyed by all. To view Cindy’s works and  DVD’s go to


Ian Thwaites – June 2011

Ian Thwaites was our guest on Saturday Jun 25, 2011. Ian is a woodturner and teacher from Australia who is teaching in Nanaimo for a year. See the Artist Profile in our June Newsletter that he has provided for a glimpse of his work, guild members can go to the Demonstrators page in the Members areas, and everyone can view at Ian’s website for more information.

Bonnie Klein – October 2011

Bonnie Klein was our featured demonstrator on Saturday October 22nd where she demonstrated lidded boxes and tops. Guild members can see a slide show of her presentation here, and information can be found out about her work on her website: .


Christian Burchard – February 2010

In February, 2010, our Guild had the pleasure of hosting Christian Burchard. Christian works almost exclusively with wet Arbutus or Madrone as it is known south of the border, and he prefers using either burls or root burls. His turnings are on display here. See a review of Christian’s demonstration in our March Newsletter.

Art Liestman – April 2010

Art Liestman from Vancouver visited us in April, 2010. We were privileged to see an outstanding display of fine work by a true craftsman. Art uses mostly big leaf maple and other local woods such as arbutus and cherry. You can view a gallery of his work here. See a review of Art’s presentation in our May Newsletter.

Doug Fisher – October 2010

Doug Fisher was our guest on Saturday Oct 30, 2010. It was an excellent opportunity to learn offset turning and carving techniques, as well as having fun with colouring and staining enhancement. Take a look at Doug’s website. Read all about Doug’s visit in our November Newsletter.

Be sure to see the slide show of the workshops.