Independent Groups

Independent small groups of 10-15 turners who meet once a month in group members homes.

Select a Group Name to view information on their activities.

Group 1 – For information on Group 1 contact Robert (Bob) Yates at 250-655-4953

Group 2 – For information on Group 2 contact Andre Robin at 250-652-9677

Group 3 – For information on Group 3 contact Steve Werner at Phone 250-477-4672

Group 4 – Group 4 was created as an informal gathering of wood turners of all skill levels, living in  but not limited to, the Sidney / Saanich Peninsula area. Group 4 is accepting new members. For information contact Brian Hayes at 250-655-7162

Group 5 – For information on Group 5 contact Graeme Evans at 250 361 2646

Group 6 – Group 6 was created as a very informal “working” group that meets weekly (more or less) to improve our capabilities in all aspects of turning. Our emphasis is on learning new methods and techniques to improve our projects.