Woodturning Online
A source for wood turning information, projects, community and vendors.

The Woodturners Workshop
The intention of this site is to provide newcomers to woodturning, and those who are still developing their skills, with useful information. It may be thought of as an on-line magazine. There are four main types of information:

  • General information relating directly to turning
  • Information not specific to turning but which turners may find interesting
  • Projects
  • Reference material

Wood Central
Thousands of woodworking articles, reviews, “shop shots” and other features, as well as hundreds of thousands of archived messages on just about every woodworking subject

Segmented Turning
Ideas and assistance in developing segmented projects for the wood lathe.

Around the Woods
Wood turning lathe tips, techniques and projects to add to your joy in turning.

Woodturner’s Resource
This is the place woodturners go for the most up to date woodturning ideas.

An online woodturning community dedicated to promoting woodturners and the art and craft of woodturning.

Rob Wallace’s Woodturning Links
This page was created to assist members of the woodturning community in quickly finding relevant woodturning information on the Internet.

Woodturning Videos Plus
Woodturning Education Articles Library

This collection of in-depth articles is intended to assist woodturners in advancing their skill level in various aspects related to woodturning.

Wood Turning Resources
A large resource guide for beginning and seasoned woodturners

KJ Magnetics
A company specializing in rare earth mafnets; dozens of sizes and many interesting articles and tutorials.

Rio Grande Jewlery Making Supplies
Jewlery making supplies, tools, metals, gemstones and lots of interesting things.

Widget Supply
Dremel bits and accessories and small tools.

Pure Timber
Cold bendable wood products including sample packs of cutoffs to experiment with.

Company specializing in products for model building. Lots of small tools, materials, etc.

Art supplies, including Golden brand paint.

Homestead Finishing Products
Supplier of finishing products, also has extensive forum answering questions about finishing.


More Woodturning
2017 – We were happy to take the magazine over from Fred Holder as he aged and was no longer able to continue publishing it. We did a big update to bring it up to a state-of-the-art online magazine and are thrilled to have many of the Woodturning Design authors working with us. It’s exciting to us that we’re now approaching the start of our third year publishing the magazine.~Dennis Daudelin, Publisher, More Woodturning Magazine

Woodturning Magazine (UK)